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Browse available Bible Verses in the read-after-me memorization format and play them using the player provided or download using the cloud button at the right of the selection.  For downloaded files, a few players can display the passage of the text within the Mp3.

You can listen to some Bible Chapters in a read-after-me memorization format.  As of now only all of First John, quite a bit of the Psalms, some Proverbs and a few chapters from John’s account of the Gospel are available.  Lord willing, more are to come.  NEW – you can listen or download 183 passages of Promises, Comfort and Assurance.

Do you like hearing Prayers or getting some help within your own prayers?  If yes, this page is for you.

Here’s 16 Hymns, 8 of them Traditional Christmas Hymns that I’ve played on the piano for you and that into a variety of instruments via Cakewalk and Soundiron real sampled instruments including a choir.  There’s also several other pianist and congregational singing.

If you like worship using the Psalter, please do check out the “Independent Presbyterian Church Savannah and Scottish Festival Singers” on YouTube.  Note that several of their selections do not match entirely with the popular Trinity Psalter.

I think you’ll like most (if not all) of these Sermon selections from 7 different ministers: Dr. Alan Cairns, Dr. Joel Beeke, Jonathan Edwards, Pastor Mark Herzer, Pastor Noel Hughes, Pastor Bob Spagnuolo and myself.  All these men are equally important in their calling.  I really believe the LORD appointed me to group these amazing ministers together on this website.  God truly orchestrates all things and yet I feel so unworthy of this task.  Though they vary in some respects (i.e. baptisms), yet they all believe the essentials and preach them with steadfastness.  For those both with or without a church home, this is a good website to visit often.  Please also visit their individual websites as applicable.

NEW: A number of selected sermons can be found from the Sermon Ladders Page where each sermon is broken down into many parts with brief descriptions.  Think of it as a ladder coming down from heaven with many rungs.  You are able to repeat any/or download any part of them.